Book the right time

Our Zoom Video Calls with Santa and North Pole Magic Shows are a great way of connecting with your family, friends, colleagues and customers in far flung places and this can even include different countries.

We run Santas Hotline from the UK, but half of our Zoom events are attended by people in other countries, predominantly the USA and Canada but also right the way across Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East.
Wherever you are in the world, if you have internet you can use our services. So if you're a family in the UK but with relatives in Spain, a company in Canada with clients all over the world, a school group in Texas, a children's party in Dubai or a children's entertainment organiser in Malta, we can offer you the same great service that you can all enjoy together.

The time slots for our Santas Video Calls are listed as UK time (GMT). So if you're not in the UK you must make sure that you book your slot for the right time. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask Google.
For instance if you're in Canada on Pacific Time and you want to book a Video Call with Santa for 2pm, type into Google "what is 2pm Pacific time in GMT". Google answers the question for you right there on the screen without you even having to trawl through any of the listings.

So in this case 2pm Pacific Time is 10pm GMT. So you'd book a slot for 10pm GMT.
We run our services right up to midnight GMT so that we can cater to the USA and Canada and offer you Video Calls from Santa or North Pole Magic Shows in the afternoons, your local time.

So Google your time and go ahead and book.
We're here to make your Christmas magical!