Santa's Special Requests

We're here for your special and unusual Christmas requests.

Let's say you're organising a special day or online event for your school, play group or the children of your workmates and you'd like to book our wonderful online Santa for multiple Video Calls in a day or for one big super-long session.
Maybe you want Santa or our Magic Elf to host a massive two hour online Christmas party.
Perhaps you're organising your own work Zoom meeting for adults and would like Santa to pop up as a surprise guest in the middle of your boring sales meeting.
We're here to make it happen.

- Santa's Video Calls and the North Pole Magic Show can be adapted to suit your needs. We're open to your ideas and aim to be beautifully flexible. We just want to make your Christmas exciting and fun!

- Our Santa is perfectly happy to make his Zoom calls for adult groups. After all, Christmas is for everyone, and us adults have had one heck of a year and need a bit of fun, joy and magic!

- Santa is also happy to be a guest in your own Zoom meetings, rather than hosting the meeting himself.

If you want Santa for anything up to 25 minutes and with up to 35 households joining just head over to our Santa Video Calls page and make your booking. If there's anything "unusual" about your group just let us know in the comments. If you'd like Santa to join in your own Zoom meeting rather than us setting up one for you please also just let us know in the comments.

For anything longer, for more people joining in or for anything that may be more complicated and need to be discussed beforehand, drop us an email instead and we'll discuss how to make it happen. Our Santa is incredibly experienced and should be able to cope with pretty much whatever you throw at him!

Email us now and we'll get right onto it!.
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